Enta fen

Released in 2006 online only for the benefits of the Refugees of the Israeli war on Lebanon in July 2006.

The album was first recorded in 2003  in Paris with Bloom record but the label bankrupted and we had to buy our masters from the French state.

So we re- recorded everything in Beirut in 2004 at Khaled Mouzannars studio  , by the year 2005 the band was collapsing due to internal disputes but in front of the war s tragedy Yasmine and i decided to give the album for charity.

Online sales generated around 2000 usd  and were given to AL Huda NGO .

Lebanese People

Released in 2003 with CD-theque .

Khaled Mouzanar and i were collaborating and allowing all kind of young artists to produce tracks at his studio  ,  on this compilation u could hear artists and bands  like soapkills , Karma , Kita3youn , Randa Ghoussoub , Khaled Mouzanar along with some of my personal productions.