The lebanese revolt

This is a call , just come down to Martyr s square everyday until the ruling political elite steps down and new elections are organized . It will be painful and long but at this point it s a matter of survival.

Third day of protest. There are many different types of crowds. And all crowds are dancing. It is beautiful. picture Myriam Boulos
Marie Abou Khaled , Zeid Hamdan , Martyr Square October 2019

B’يT Launch Postponed

We need to make sure all our efforts are focused on changing the regime in Lebanon through peaceful but firm actions . We will launch our project ” B’يT “again once our home is clean from the parasites that have infected it for the last 3 decades . I hope u will all come to celebrate with us then . C u in the squares and on the streets .

Zeid s Angels Live at Reunion

Zeid s Angels ( or Zeid and the wings ) is a power trio formed
by Gihane Hage , Marie abou Khaled on synths drum machine, vocals and Zeid Hamdan on guitar and vocals .
They will perform a 1 hour set of powerfull electro arabic pop .
U can check their sound here :

Or Lebanese underground sproductions here :

check the facebook event here :

The hAMDANs Family

On the 28th March , my wife is going to cook Ethiopian food , and i am going to sing with my incredible friends Gihane Hage and Marie Abou Khaled . Come taste and listen , it s at Saifi Urban Gardens at the cafe EM Nazih , Pasteur street in paralel to Gemmayzeh in Beirut . the number s on the poster if u need any info.

Capharnaum Oscar nominated

Directed by Nadine Labaki

Music composed by Khaled Mouzanar

Music score produced by Zeid hamdan

Additional score , Ethiopian arrangements , music supervision and mixing by Zeid Hamdan , click here for a preview

Production of Melmo

Melmo (Marie Abou Khaled ) is a young Lebanese singer songwriter . She has started to produce her first album with Zeid hamdan in November 2018  . They have surrounded themselves with star producers and musicians such as Jeremie Regnier and Marc Codsi . An album should be released in spring 2019 . U can hear the  first track from their collaboration called “Kermelak ” on her soundcloud . check it out  here 

Work in 2018

  1. January production of the music of the Movie “CAPHARNAUM”, Cannes Jury prize , a Golden Globe nomination and nomination at the OSCARS . link
  2. APRIL music production masterclass in Amman for female producers . here s a link to a video 
  3. May  performance with Maii Waleed for BOILER ROOM  with deutch artist DolKraut . that s a link about the song production and here s a link to the Soundcloud song .
  4. May Music for a film by WISSAM CHARAF called “Unforgettable memory of a friend ” it received several prestigious awards already. here a link to a track that was produced
  5. June production of a track for COLONEL BEACH that was used in adds to promote the city of Batroun . here s a link
  6. June perfromance with the WINGS  at at the Sursock Museum
  7. July performance at the BAALBECK festival with Khaled Mouzanar , we performed along with an orchestra of 17 musicians the music we had produced for the movie  link to article here 
  8. August performance in Amman at Corners .
  9. August update to the interface of the “LEBANESE UNDERGROUND” in order for it to host new artists 
  10. September performance with Khaled Mouzanar at the San Sebastian Film Festival .
  11. September i headlined a music festival in Paris called DERIVES 
  12. November i started producing a project called “HOME” featuring the Syrian band Tanjaret Daghet “| and Mohamed Abdallah from ” EL MOraba3″ JORDAN/Palestine , it should be released in March 2019 
  13. In December i released the first track of an album i m producing for MArie Abou Khaled an amazing new commer on the lebanese scene  , here s the link  we re producing in January the rest of the tracks .

Carte blanche a Zeid Hamdan au Divan du monde , PARIS .

Les Mix Bros donnent carte blanche à Zeid Hamdan,
principal agitateur de la scène libanaise actuelle, pour inviter des artistes
d’Egypte, de Tunisie, d’Algérie et de France et créer un concert inédit.
Pour cette 4ème édition de Mix Ta Race, les Mix Bros invitent le musicien et producteur libanais Zeid Hamdan à présenter
son univers et se mélanger à des artistes du Caire, de Tunis, de Sidi Bel Abbès et de Paris !
Pionnier de la scène underground libanaise, Zeid Hamdan est réputé pour ses différentes formations (Soapkills, The New
Government, Shiftz, Zeid and the Wings) et ses multiples collaborations avec des artistes du monde entier. Les Mix Bros
ont rencontré et filmé Zeid sur la route du Liban, pays francophone au cœur d’une région qui s’enflamme et refuge pour
beaucoup d’artistes où la fête est de mise quelle que soit la situation.
Au programme de 19h30 à 23h30 :
DJ Click (warm up), concert/création de Zeid Hamdan avec Maryam Saleh, Donia Massoud,
Kandia Kora, Mounir Troudi, Sofiane Saïdi, Tim Whelan, Ihabz…
Projections des photos de Syrie du reporter William Roguelon et de la série «Makeda»
d’Aurore Vinot. Exposition du pochoiriste ZED et projections vidéos des Mix Bros
Créé par le réalisateur “gaulois” Jeremix et le pochoiriste tunisien ZED, le collectif Mix Bros propa